The Smart Way to Sell,
Move, or Get Rid of
Your Unwanted Items…

Thank you for your interest in Grand Slam Garage Sales!

While we no longer service customers ourselves, we’ve created a way for you to get the exact same quality service from experts in your area.

To get started now, please visit or download the RunMySale app on your mobile device.


The Smart Way to Sell, Move, or
Get Rid of Your Unwanted Items…

After the success of Grand Slam Garage Sales, our team was eager to make that same level of service available across the country.

So, Grand Slam Garage Sales evolved into RunMySale, a platform dedicated to connecting people who’d like to sell their items with local experts who can get them top dollar (and take care of just about any other need you might have).

To learn more about RunMySale or to request service now,

Please visit or download the RunMySale app!


The ‘Traditional’ garage sale…

You spend hours gathering, cleaning, sorting and laying your items out. Then you wait, hoping that the few neighborhood signs you put out will entice enough people by your house to purchase everything. Its slow and a lot of things don’t move. WHAT TO DO ?

Time for Computer On-Line Sales and presentation of your items. It’s a Tag Sale – Yard Sale – Estate Sale with your descriptions of the item’s value to the world !

The Grand Slam Garage Sale!

We do everything for you! We come to your home, catalog your items, place them online for millions to see, notify our lists of interested buyers, and take care of shipping or delivering the items.

Imagine! Your valuable Yard Sale (sail) items will be presented to the entire local area and beyond – by pictures and script by way of the Internet. Service Words to remember are: online garage sale, online yard sale, garagesales, garage sales, garage sale, garage sale help, garage sale company, garage sale business, help running a garage sale, estate sale, yard sale, moving sale, rummage sale, yard sale search , garage sale search, online yard sale. For Houston, just add the word houston immediately after the service word just like “online yard sale houston”. It’s easy, makes sense. Name the city where you want service.

How it Works:

Everyone has items around the house that they wish they could get rid of. Maybe you need to finally clear out your cluttered garage or closets. Maybe you just need room for more stuff! Maybe you have an entire warehouse you need cleared out. Whatever the reason, we can help you turn your unwanted items into cash!

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We’ll come to your home, Business or Storage to pick up your items to be cataloged

  • We’ll photograph each item to properly present it.
  • We’ll write careful, accurate descriptions of each item.
  • We will discuss the pricing and presentation of your items to maximize both the sale price and possibility of a sale.

We will place your items for sale on the internet:

  • We will list your items with sites which, in our experience, offer the best chance for a sale for a particular item type or price range.
  • We will format and display your items for maximum visibility.
  • We will notify our mailing lists of interested buyers.

We will handle shipping or delivery as needed:

If the item is to be picked up, we will arrange an appointment and ensure that the items are picked up, paid for and placed in the buyer’s hands. We have a few simple quick options in regards to how we transfer sold items depending on your schedule and preferences. A GSGS team member will go over your options with you.

We do the work,
you profit!

Pricing & Packages

Note: The fees on this page are all inclusive – there are no hidden fees – and include all listing fees, labor, packing and shipping fees, etc.

Single Package

$85Set Up Fee (Waived if sales take in over $1500)

60% of sale revenue
Upto 10 items posted

Double Package

$199Set Up Fee(Waived if sales take in over $3000)

60% of sale revenue
Upto 100 items posted

Triple Package

$275Set Up Fee(Waived if sales take in over $5000)

60% of sale revenue
Upto 200 items posted

Home Run Package

$450Set Up Fee(Waived if sales take in over $8000)

60% of sale revenue
Upto 500 items posted


Grand Slam Garage Sales is the leading service provider for people who want to get rid of and sell items but don’t have time to do the work or simply just don’t want to. We offer full removal and selling services from start to finish for individuals and businesses. We can handle any size job from a small amount of items to a massive warehouse.

We also sell kits teaching people how to start their own garage sale business among many other products and services we offer. See more at

History of Grand Slam Garage Sales

Grand Slam Garage Sales is an innovative and successful business which was founded in Houston, Texas in 2004. Started by Ben Weissenstein when he was a freshman in high school, Grand Slam Garage Sales quickly developed from a fresh idea to a booming business, offering services ranging from full-service garage sale operation to pressure washing and item removal services and then expanding to an online format while still offering start to finish help for people to remove and sell items.

Grand Slam Garage Sales (GSGS) prides itself on professionalism, honesty, and a serious work ethic. Founder, Ben Weissenstein, instilled these values into the teenage workers he originally hired from his pool of friends and classmates and into the current stuff of students and adults today. Weissenstein’s goal was simple: Help lots of people throughout the country who want to clean up the clutter around their homes while making a little extra money at the same time.

Based in Houston with sights set on expanding throughout the world, Grand Slam Garage Sales has the highest knowledge level in regards to running sales for people and the ability to ensure the sales are run well with little to no effort from the customer.

As our business continues to grow and reach new markets, we are always eager to hear your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact me directly ([email protected]) to let me know how we’re doing!

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